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I’m Policey McPoliceface or PMP for short. You can find me on Twitter @HQCInsp, but I’m happy to be writing for @FitBlueLine in case I can help police colleagues, 999 partners or anyone else get a bit fitter and feel healthier. I write anonymously to keep my personal and professional lives separate. I’m sure you can appreciate why.
I am 48 and work as a chief inspector in the police somewhere in the UK.

I have always been skinny and never really enjoyed exercise, but a couple of years ago I took on a 30-day abs challenge. It was on Facebook and the person running it was also using it to market something. I won’t be doing that!!!
I don’t like mornings and feel self-conscious in a gym, so these challenges work for me. I like the variety and that you can do them at home, or work and whenever suits you.
When the originator of the group I was in stopped posting, I just kept making up challenges for myself. I will be posting one for August and I’d love you to join me, so we can encourage each other. They are as easy or difficult as you want them to be and exercising on your own, but as part of a group certainly helps me on the ‘can’t be bothered days’.
I have found I do other exercise more willingly since the challenges made me a little fitter and I sometimes choose better food than I used to, but I also worry less because the exercise helps anyway.
You can either do my challenge with me or set one of your own that targets bits of you that you’d like to change. I put 7 exercises in each month. They start easy and give progress as you add a tiny bit each day.
I’m no expert and you’ll need to check with your doctor or physio, if you are unsure about anything, but I like feeling fitter than I used to and hope you will too.
For me, I find it easier not to think about the other potential goals that sometimes get linked to exercise or working out and I just focus on completing the challenge. I am a coach/mentor, so I can help with the motivation if you wish and I’ll blog about that too. Basically, if you set yourself too high a goal and don’t see quick results you can be disheartened.
So, if your goal is to complete Day 1, it is easy and as time passes you may see the other goals you have getting closer.
Sound like something you fancy? Come on, give it a try!
PS, I’m a keen supporter of Anthony Nolan the Blood Cancer Charity https://twitter.com/AnthonyNolan if they get to 35,000 followers I’ll post a shirtless progress picture, but for now please follow them and register!
Anthony Nolan (@AnthonyNolan) | Twitter


Anthony Nolan Verified account @ AnthonyNolan. Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer who need a blood stem cell transplant.

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