Slimming Blue Line intro


I am “The slimming blue line” or SBL for short! I’m a 31 year old PC in a very large inner city police service.

As my name suggests I have been losing a bit of weight recently. I served in the British Army for 6 years full time and a further 4 as a reservist and so fitness was never really an issue for me. We trained 5 times a week in work time, had free gyms and there was always someone to train with. Once I left the army I went into an office job and the pounds started to pile on. After work beers, take away lunches and no motivation to keep fit were a deadly combination. 

After nearly 3 years working in offices I joined the police, missing the uniformed lifestyle – and I love it. Yes yes TJF, but I don’t care I love my job. 

However I now found I had even less free time and a lifestyle of night duty kebabs, early turn red bulls and full English breakfasts was not great for my waist line. I reached my heaviest 105kg and a 38inch waist after my first couple of years in the job. 

Then I got a new guv’nor. Ex Army, Ex TSG. Knowing that I fancied joining the TSG, he sent me an email saying that I had a place on selection to become an EG and not to let him down. Suddenly I had to get 10.2 on the bleep test, pass a shield run, a kit up circuit and be back at the fitness level I maintained in my army days. That same day I decided to change, I took responsibility for the choices I was making in regards to my diet and lack of training and I went for a run. 

I lasted half an hour at a slow jog. But I did it. I lapped the old the me sat on the sofa with a dominos. I then started training 6 times a week, at first just jogging and insanity. I downloaded apps to keep track of my progress, and most importantly I sorted out my diet. I went Paleo, I’ve barely eaten a bad meal since although I do still have my cheat meals. The weight melted off me, I lost 3lbs a week minimum. 3 months in I had to reorder my uniform as my trousers were falling down!

I lost a total of 16kgs (35lbs) and then I started hitting the gym. I still train 5 times a week, but now it’s a mixture of weights, HIIT cardio, runs and insanity and I can smash 10.2 on a bleep test. 

The reason I wanted to start this blog was that I found that I got the most support from people I followed on Twitter. I saw other cops that followed fitness programmes and shared their results and it motivated me. The other contributors to this blog and several others were my silent gym partners. Whilst the banter machine at work turned to a bit of jealousy from the overweight members of the team I always found fellow cops on Twitter to support me in progress and I wanted to share that with you. I wanted to start a small community of police officers supporting each other in getting fit, losing weight or training for events.

So get involved, regardless of your goal be it losing weight, gaining muscle or improving overall fitness give us a follow!

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