PC Tallbird

Hi all! @PCTallBird checking in for my first attempt at ‘blogging’

A bit about me, I’m a 32 year old mum of one. I’ve been a police officer for 8 years. Fitness has always been a big thing to me and I came from a sporting background before joining the job but a knee injury and shift work put a stop to competing and training how I wanted to.

So I missed out on the first ‘edit’ deadline didn’t I! Thanks for this goes to a gruelling week at work and family commitments now I do have a few days off.

So what HAVEN’T I done this week … Well I’ve not graced the gym with my presence at all, this saddens me! Juggling 67 hours in 6 days with my hubby’s shifts and childcare in the school holidays I’m sure no one will disagree is really tough. Then I go and try add into that equation eating well, I can’t deny, convenience foods are usually what I end up turning to … I dread to think how much I’ve spent while on duty on food but I have made (am making) a change to that. I have always been lucky being so tall that I could easily carry a few extra pounds without much issue but now I’m in my 30’s and being a mum I can see that I needed to start making some different decisions. So this week I did some decent meal prep, grilled teriyaki chicken, vegetable brown rice and steamed broccoli all packed up neatly in several Tupperware boxes … I got called OCD because they looked so neat!

The verdict … They were tasty, healthy and very filling and comparatively so cheap compared to a usual shifts spending! A win win for me! I will be doing it again and ‘Amazon’ got an order for some fresh boxes and a cool bag to take to work too! I’ll let you know how that goes!

My Twitter journey so far … I started doing an ab challenge and sharing my progress on here back in March this year. My anonymity and getting others involved motivated me so much to work hard for myself and the thought that I was helping and motivating others to achieve was amazing too! There’s been some awesome results posted!

I’m no qualified professional by any means but I’m happy to try help other #team999 members out with ideas for food prep, exercises and motivation for all starting points! No matter what your ‘starting point’ is and what you want to achieve if you’re prepared to make a change I am happy to help where and how I can! #thiscopcan

TallBird signing out 😊


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