Introduction From @IPAOfficer

Where do I start?

I am Martyn, 32 and work in a very busy CID office. I tweet as @IPAOfficer.

I have always been a big lad in terms of height. At 16 I was standing at over six feet tall but was skinny and very quick on my feet. That changed and after leaving school I filled out and became more in proportion. You hear the phrase being big boned and in my case I genuinely am. For all of my working life I have worked shift work that has been across a 24 hour period. I started off in the security industry and went on to go into policing. I remain in policing to this day.

My downfall over the last few years has been booze, takeaways (I love a good Indian or a Kebab), shift work and lack of drive to get in the gym. I grew up around booze. My dad ran pubs and was always a drinker and I suppose it brushed off on me. I do like a good pint or two and a curry afterwards. This combined with work pressures meaning a healthy meal during a proper break (which does not happen very often) meant the quick fix was always a cheeky kebab sat at your desk whilst writing up a case which was only going to result in one thing – weight gain!

So what changed? I have been said by some to be the best dressed person in our CID. This was because I would be found wearing a three piece suit. Here comes a confession that has never been told – I stopped wearing waistcoats two months ago as they got too tight! I have NEVER been able to do press ups, NEVER. You may have seen the Facebook/Twitter press up challenge to raise awareness for PTSD. I have been nominated six times now and am being shown up by people older than me. That was the final straw so I said enough is enough and I am going to bin some weight, get the waistcoat back on and I will do this push up challenge!

My journey started last week when I weighed in at 21st 7lb. I am six feet seven inches tall and carry it well. Today marks my first week of training & dieting and I have seen results.

I intend to write a weekly post about my journey but for now this is my introduction. I have a busy couple of days at work coming up but will try to publish my first week at some point in the next few days.




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