Introduction for Medic Cop

Well here goes….
I’m @MedicCop, a PC in my ‘mid’ 30s, until recently on a response team on a busy inner city BCU. I’ve been there for just over 11 years having driven desks before that. On top of the response work I’ve been Level II PSU trained for 10 years and a Public Order Medic for the last 6; this is the driver behind my keeping fit.

Before I joined ‘the job’ I was never really into fitness. I’d joined gyms, gone for a month and then just watched the direct debits go out every month until I could cancel! It was only really when I decided to apply that I started training ‘properly’ and when I finally started police training I managed to hit a mighty 13.2 on the bleep test, even though the requirement had just dropped from 8.2 to 5.4!

As time progressed in the job my phys dropped off, I knew that I could run after people if needed and could happily keep up on a PSU. That was until the Medics application went in! I had to do an assessment day before the course, 10.2 on a bleep test, a 500m shield run, 80kg deadlift and then a carry circuit. There was even a first aid exam thrown in for good measure! I kick started the training again & brought my diet radically under control; the course was two of the most physically demanding weeks I’ve had and I still insist that had I not been so ‘on top’ of the medicing side of things, there’s no way I would have passed and was definitely at the lower end of list in terms of physical ability.

I passed the course determined to keep up, and more importantly build on, the level of fitness I had gained and that’s pretty much my mantra to today. I was lucky that a friend on my team had just passed an EG course too so between the two of us there was a healthy rivalry (The medics course remains harder than the EG’s !) and a load of enthusiasm & ideas for keeping training entertaining. We were spoilt with the gym facilities at work and soon found that we were running circuits for 15 or so people before or after every shift – we’d mix this up with road running and trips to climbing walls and it all worked really well.

Due to the numbers we’d tend to stick to HIIT circuits, 20 seconds on, 10 off repeated 8 times on each exercise and then change. Normally this would be an 8 station set up and would give a great split of CV, resistance and at times some hellishly dreamt up challenges!

People have since moved on but my training remains generally the same; a mix of HIIT, running with the odd weights circuit thrown in for good measure. Diet is a huge part and, when I’m being ‘proper good’, I’ll often spend an hour of an evening prepping the next days food; trust me, it’s worth it!

I’ll try and keep a record of what I get up to each week, along with diet, and update on here!

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