@IPAOfficer – Training Week 1

It has been a few days since I wrote my intro where I said that I would try and write a weekly post. I am late in doing this first training and I can thank a CRAZY week dealing with the great British public which has meant long hours. Anyway I am here now!

So in my intro I explained what kicked me up the backside to get training. The evening before kick off day I cleared out all of the badness from the kitchen. I took my last six cans of beer out of the fridge and I put them in a cupboard under the stairs. I will not drink warm beer so that temptation for a cheeky can after a late turn shift was taken away. I had been shopping that day for food to prepare to to take to work. That takes away the temptation to pop across the road from the nick for a dirty kebab or bit of fried chicken.

21 6

I started my journey at 21st 7lbs. i carried it well being 6ft 7in but clothing was getting tight and some movements became a bit harder so enough was enough! It was time to do something about it.

The day after was day 1. I was working a late shift due to start at 3. I hit the gym at work.The gym is not inside my police station but another building on the borough so I arrived at half past twelve. This gave me enough time to train for an hour, travel to my station, shower and get dressed for work.

I have heard SO many different theories about how I should get fit and lose weight. There is the calorie counting mob, the ignore calorie counting and eat clean mob, the lift weights only as more muscle burns fat mob and many more. Which mob do I listen to? I had no idea that day so just got stuck in. I decided on half an hour of weight lifting followed by half an hour cardio. That way I can tone and bin body fat.

I did this for four days that week. It nearly killed me but I stuck in there! It did get easier after workout three. Meals at home are healthy and work wise the kebab/fried chicken is long gone and its chicken and rice with veg.

20 10

So a week after starting did I see any results? DAMN RIGHT I DID. I ended on 20st 10lb. I know that some of that will have been excess water but it is a step in the right direction!

I have met some good people who contribute to this blog and their support has been outstanding.



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