September’s 30-Day Challenge with PMP

For September, I’m going to change things from August, but still target our abs and get a little bit of a cardio workout too.

To start, here’s one I find tough How to do Side Plank Lifts

Next, let’s get out hearts beating with Plank Jacks

Time to recover and work on our legs with Reverse Lunges

Let’s do some Burpees for heart and the whole body, but choose the variation that works for you.

Whilst we get our breath back, let’s do Wall Sit for the  number of seconds for each day.

Next, we’ll get the abs going with Bicycle Crunches

Time to finish off with Leg Outs and work the lower core.

Remember, move rest days if you need to and modify the exercises so they fit your needs. Above all, keep going and enjoy the satisfaction of having done them each day. Please share your progress on Twitter with @fitblueline or me @HQCInsp & stay positive to encourage everyone else.

As with all the challenges, they follow this basic pattern:


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