PMP’s August Challenge

Here are the exercises I will be doing for August.

Each one has a YouTube video to show you how to do them, but before we get into that I wanted to give you some guidance on how I have been able to keep doing them for just over two years (since staring on a group on another social media platform – I am not creating anything new here):

1. Do them where, when and how you like.

It doesn’t matter if you are a morning person or a night owl; just workout when it suits. Use the office floor, at home, at the gym or wherever you are comfortable. I am self-conscious, so do them at home on a camping mat in form of the TV. 

2. Be sensible and listen to how your body is.

If you need to, check with a medically qualified person and approach them exercises how you want; you don’t have to do every rep in one set and you don’t have to make it hard for yourself. If you do 5 reps and rest, but keep going until you do the total for that day you are still a hero and doing more than you otherwise would.

3. Ignore anyone negative.

There are loads of experts who will say your technique could be better, but apart from things that stop injury (like keeping your knees from going too far forward over your feet when doing squats) forget what anyone says – unless they are being positive and encouraging you.

If you need to modify an exercise for a while until you feel stronger and more confident that is completely fine. Doing a press up on your knees is doing a press up – and you are doing it.

Do the exercises in any order you like. Do all the crunches first, last or break them down with all the other exercises like circuit training. It is your choice.

4. Keep going.

You may have a setback, miss a day, feel unwell, be busy at work or any number of things can knock you off course, but here are some options to keep you going: move the rest days (they are important to help your body recover and get stronger, but you can shift them about); skip a day, or two, or seven! Better you start again and do two weeks than give up. It makes no difference if you start again at day one or start on the actual day of the month, as long as you start again.

5. Help each other.

Every time you tweet and use the hashtags, you will help others to keep at it. It is ok to say you find a certain exercise tough, as long as you say you have got there and others can too.

If you swap an exercise for another, that is fine too, because you will still be exercising and making others realise it is ok to change things to protect an injury or target another part of your body you want to work on more.

6. Have fun!

Listen to music, sing, watch TV or whatever helps to keep you going!

The exercises for August:


A PLANK CORRECTLY (planks are done in SECONDS, for example Day 1 is a 10 second plank)



PRESS UPS (a modified version is included)



Remember to tweet using #Day1 (or the actual day you are on) complete with #30DayChallenge

Good luck and I’ll be on it with you!


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